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I'm trying to extract stock prices from the Irish Stock Exchange Website. I'm getting errors for the lines using the function datenum().

function get_ise_data(equity_name,equity,start_date,end_date)

% Example:
%   get_ise_data('CandC',22076,'01-Jan-2010','10-Jan-2010')
% Note:

% This program reads data from the ISE website. It creates a vector of
% trading days, and then requests data for each specific day from the
% website

% Specify the equity name and reference number, start and end dates as in
% the example above.

% C&C corresponds to the reference number 22076 and you can check this on ise.ie. Kerry 
% Group and BOI have similar reference numbers.
% The data is saved to a file called "[stock]data.mat". The first
% column is the date in serial number format. You can convert to string
% format using "datestr()" The graph produced is not automatically saved.
% The data is also saved to an excel file by the same name. When viewing in
% Excel we need to change the format of the first column to 'custom'
% and specify format as "hh:mm dd/mm/yy".
% Close the excel file before running the program.

% Convert start and end dates to serial format:
start_date = datenum(start_date, 'dd­-mmm­-yyyy');
end_date = datenum(end_date, 'dd­-mmm-­yyyy');

clear final_data

% Work out relevant trading days:

bdates = busdays(start_date, end_date, 'daily');

% The above assumes the same trading days as NYSE - need to modify this for the ISE. See the
% documentation of "busday" to change the default holidays.


% Loop over each trading day:

for i=1:itterations
    raw=urlread(url); % Read in html code from website
    % The following extracts the parts of the html code that match the
    % format specified by 'exp':
    data = regexp(raw,exp,'tokens','freespacing');

    % Print out current day:
    sprintf('Now reading: date: %d, month: %d',date,month)
    % A number of quotes are given each day. Loop through these:

    for j=1:number_of_quotes
% Determine the serial date number of each quote:

hour = str2double(cell2mat(hour{1,1}));
minute = str2double(cell2mat(minute{1,1}));
time_serial _number=datenum(year,month,date,hour,minute,second);
% Save the price and date number to temporary file, while ignoring
% missing data:
if ~isnan(price)
end % End of inter-­?day loop
end % End of daily loop
str=sprintf('% s_data',equity_name);
% Save data to hard disk:

The error I get is

??? Error using ==> datenum at 182
DATENUM failed.

Error in ==> get_ise_data at 25
start_date = datenum(start_date, 'dd­-mmm-­yyyy');

Caused by:
    Error using ==> dtstr2dtnummx
    Failed on converting date string to date number.

Does anyone have any idea? I think I've explained everything in the comments.


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At which line is the error? This line: time_serial _number=datenum(year,month,date,hour,minute,second); ? What is the error text? What are the values being input to datenum just before the error if you debug with a breakpoint for eg ? Please add that info to your question. –  Dan Mar 4 '13 at 14:46
I've added the error message. And what do you mean debug with a breakpoint? I'm a bit of a matlab newbie. –  Ruth O'Brien Mar 4 '13 at 14:52
oh ok - so I think your issue is that you've specified a 'ddmmmyyyy' format but you giving it a 'dd-mmm-yyyy' format string as an input. Change your inputs to look like '01Jan2010' rather than '01-Jan-2010' –  Dan Mar 4 '13 at 14:54
@RuthO'Brien generally, you should boil down your code to as few lines as possible that demonstrate the problem. 95% of the the time I discover the bug myself during the process of simplifying my code into a proof of concept for the bug. –  slayton Mar 4 '13 at 15:16
What are you passing to the get_ise_data function exactly? Are you calling it in a loop or something? It sounds to me like your problem is external to this function. Try call the function form the command line just using get_ise_data('CandC',22076,'01-Jan-2010','10-Jan-2010'), do you still get that same error? –  Dan Mar 4 '13 at 15:20

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The error is due to the fact that your date string does not conform to the format specified (hence the error message stating this) here:

start_date = datenum(start_date, 'dd­-mmm­-yyyy');

Check that the date strings being returned by the site are in the right format. In European countries it is common to return financial dates in the format: DD/MM/YY or DD/MM/YYYY

Set a break point at the line where the error is being reported and inspect the data being passed to datenum.

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