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I am trying to create a jquery handle that when you slide it it moves another div inside a container. Following is my js

function handleSliderChange(e, ui)
    var maxScroll = $(".content-item").width()*$(".content-item").length - $("#content-scroll").width();
    $("#content-scroll").animate({scrollLeft: ui.value * (maxScroll / 100) },1000);

function handleSliderSlide(e, ui)
    var maxScroll = $(".content-item").width()*$(".content-item").length - $("#content-scroll").width();
    $("#content-scroll").animate({scrollLeft: ui.value * (maxScroll / 100) }, 10);

        animate: true,
        slide: handleSliderSlide,
        change: handleSliderChange

So when I click on the bar both handleSliderChange and handleSliderSlide are called, but when i drag the slider it works fine any solution ? I don't mind cancelling the click function from the slider i only need the drag anyways

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I found the solution to that, the trick is to check prior to running the methods for what type of event is triggered. This is how i did it

                start: checkType,
                animate: options.animateSpeed,
                slide: handleSliderSlide,
                step: options.step,
                change: handleSliderChange,

function checkType(e){
            _isSlide = $(e.originalEvent.target).hasClass("ui-slider-handle");
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