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In our MVC 4 web application we are using Areas and standard/default route configuration. For example, if we want to view the notes/comments records for a particular customer we have a route that looks like:


Where we have a Controller named Notes in the 'Customers' area with an action method named 'Index'. Our default routing would actually allow us to specify the same action as:


For completeness, the Index action looks something like this:

public ActionResult Index(int id)
     var model = UnitOfWork.CustomerDb

     return View(model);

This result of this action is a simple data grid providing a chronological summary of the notes posted against a particular customer. There's no AJAX or JSON involved.

This all works well - apart from when using Chrome. This browser appears to cache the page and render a previous page. Refreshing the browser does not correct the problem, but if I clear the browser cache and then refresh, the correct data is rendered.

I'm assuming that Chrome is ignoring the id parameter. My questions are:

  • Why does this only appear to be a problem with Chrome?
  • Is this a known/common problem?
  • Is there a recognised solution?

I have used this, what I thought was safe technique, across the whole web application and have to confess I am confused as to why this is happening.

Any information/advice would be much appreciated.

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