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The problem: class PostRepostioryInterface not found for line 4 in PostController.php or in tinkering with the namespace I've even got class App\Models\Interfaces\PostRepositoryInterface not found

The questions: How to register a namespace in laravel 4? What do I need to do to get L4 to recognise the classes/interfaces at this namespace?

Larave 3 had a $namespaces static object in ClassLoader where you could add namespaces by

  'App\Models\Interfaces' => path('app').'models/interfaces',

I'm not sure if I have that right for laravel 3 but either way, AutoLoader doesn't exist in Laravel 4 and ClassLoader exists but the method namespaces doesn't exist in ClassLoader in Laravel 4.

I've looked at this but it doesn't seem to work without registering the namespace somehow. Using namespaces in Laravel 4

Example structure:



the files:


<?php namespace App\Models\Interfaces;
interface PostRepositoryInterface {
    public function all();
    public function find($id);
    public function store($data);


<?php namespace App\Models\Repositories;
use App\Models\Interfaces\PostRepositoryInterface;
class EloquentPostRepository implements PostRepositoryInterface {

    public function all()
        return Post::all();

    public function find($id)
        return Post::find($id);

    public function store($data)
        return Post::save($data);


use App\Models\Interfaces\PostRepositoryInterface;
class PostsController extends BaseController {

    public function __construct( PostRepositoryInterface $posts )
        $this->posts = $posts; 


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You probably forgot to do composer dump-autoload. This updates the list of classes Laravel autoloads.

You can read more on composer documentation.

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nope that would be my guess but it wasn't the case. I found a typo and a missing use statement and got the answer to whether it needs registering on the laravel irc. Thanks though :-) – isimmons Mar 5 '13 at 23:52
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On the laravel irc channel I found out the namespaces should work in L4 without a need for registering them anywhere. This is because the composer dump-autoload adds them to the composer/autoload file for me. So that was not an issue.

The issue turned out to be a typo apparently(I can't find it in the code above but after going through every line copy/pasting the class names and namespaces something changed), and also somehow in my real code I left out the 'use' statement for EloquentPostRepository.php

use App\Models\Interfaces\PostRepositoryInterface;

Now I've hit another wall trying to use the namespaced interface with ioc and the controller constructor (target interface App\Models\Interfaces\PostRepositoryInterface is not instantiable) but I guess that should be a different question.

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Here is the other question if anyone wants to take a look at it.… – isimmons Mar 6 '13 at 0:38

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