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So, basically I have a JPA + Spring Data + Hibernate application in which I store a date & time objects.

Imagine we have the following scenario:

That this is a server storing 'check-in' data - like a location repository for a check-in service i.e. Foursquare.

And data from this repository service is used in a REST API which in turn is consumed by Android/iOS/etc clients.

Now, for every check-in besides the latitude/longitude, userId and etc, I have a timestamp when the check-in was made.

How should I store this timestamp? Should I have a java.util.Date object or a Joda Time object? Should I keep the timezone data or remove it from the timestamp before persisting and use another TimeZone field for that?

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Use the Joda library if you can. It's designed much better than java.util.Date. –  GriffeyDog Mar 4 '13 at 16:49

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All that really matters is that when you send the data over the wire that it is serialized in a common format. The most ubiquitous format these days is ISO8601.

Since this is a check-in at a particular location, the most appropriate form would be a local date/time with an offset. In ISO8601 format, it would look like:


I am not a Java programmer, but I believe the JodaTime DateTime has the most correct implementation for this.

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Thanks for the ISO suggestion, I'll try that way. –  Martin Spa Mar 5 '13 at 8:58

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