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I have a very basic rails application in which I've added compass and zurb foundation to. I've noticed an issue that now when I save changes to any stylesheet, which I'm using scss for, I also have an additional css file with the same name but .css instead of .scss added to the stylesheets directory. This causes a problem because my layout templates then try to use the application.css file instead of the application.scss file.

Has anyone had this happen and how can I get it to stop adding .css files to my stylesheets directory?

In my foundation_and_overrides.scss file the content is the standard zurb foundation content.

However, in the foundation_and_overrides.css file the contents are:


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.scss gets compiled to css. the css file is the one your application will use, scss is just there for coding convenience –  ashley Mar 4 '13 at 15:33

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Found the issue here: Auto compile SCSS files in Sublime Text 2

I still don't have a solution but this is the issue. Sublime Text 3 is coming so perhaps this will be resolved in the new release.

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