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I want to replace this code:


with something like this:

Kernel.Bind(scanner => scanner.FromThisAssembly().SelectAllClasses()

I tried to create a IBindingGenerator, but stranded when trying to get ITaskFactory<T> from T.

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Use this instead:

kernel.Bind(scanner => scanner

kernel.Bind(scanner => scanner

var f = kernel.Get<ITaskFactory>();
var task1 = f.CreateTask<AlertTask>();
var task2 = f.CreateTask<PopupTask>();

public class AlertTask {}
public class PopupTask { }
public interface ITaskFactory
    T CreateTask<T>();
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Easy and elegant solution. Thank you. The generic ITaskFactory cleaned up a lot of other code to. The ITaskFactory can also have function of the form T CreateTask<T>(TaskInformation info); –  Erwin Mar 5 '13 at 10:01
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