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Being a new developer a Hadoop application, I'm struggling to get a grasp of the myriad configuration options for a Map/Reduce or a Oozie or a Sqoop job. None of the recommended books or sites deal with this comprehensively. Any new tool in Hadoop ecosystem you will see more. I wanted to ask what is the best way/resource to get an understanding of the job configuration options.

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Here you have all the configurations of Hadoop:


Also if you want to see what are your current configuration and where it comes from run this:

$ hadoop org.apache.hadoop.conf.Configuration
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I read hadoop : the definitive guide It was very useful for me.

Moreover while reading any configuration property in hadoop,you have to associate that with the corresponding element of the hadoop.

Like any property that starts with mapred.map is used to set the property of the mapper task same way mapred.reduce is for reducer.

This way you can easily understand and memorize the properties.

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