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I'm working on a macbook pro, I have my program working fine. When I go to my iMac, I try run it and it give me this error on debugger area (NSSearchPathForDirectoriesInDomains): Unable to read data.

I have the right sqlite file on the right folder, I checked many times. I used the same sqlite file to an old version of my app and it worked. The same project that not works on iMac, works on my macbook pro.

I did a reset on iphone simulator, I cleaned my build and always happens the same.

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I deleted all sqlite3_finalize(statement); that I had on my sqlite methods and now I can access to the DataBase on the other computer.

My question, why I can access to it on my macbook pro with the sqlite3_finalize(statement);?

If I don't use it, I can't INSERT anything on the database after to do some SELECT's.


I change the sqlite3_finalize to sqlite3_reset and it worked fine. Now I can INSERT after doing some SELECT's

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