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I have annoying problem with non-latin characters in names of uploaded files. I'm using upload method pretty similar as in the Play's doc (extended by DB operations) and while running dist vrsion on the unix machines, everything is OK. In Windows - which is a production server - non-latin characters are damaged, for an example:

return ok(uploadFile.getFilename());

gives me: zażółć_gęśla_jaźń.png instead of zażółć_gęśla_jaźń.png

How can I avoid this and/or force reading and writing filenames always with the same encoding?


I just discovered, that when starting app with play start (instead of dist + start.bat) filename is written properly... that just confuses me even more o.O

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The working solution is forcing it while starting the jar in the start.bat script by adding param:

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