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How to remove a YAML header like this one from a text file in Ruby:

date: 2013-02-02 11:22:33
title: "Some Title"
Foo: Bar


(The YAML is surrounded by three dashes (-))

I tried

text.gsub(/---(.*)---/, '') # text is the variable which contains the full text of the file

but it didn't work.

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Found a solution, regex should be:

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The solution mentioned above will match from the first occurrence of --- to the last occurrence of --- and everything in between. That means if --- appears later on in your file you'll strip out not only the header, but some of the rest of the content.

This regex will only remove the yaml header:


The \A ensures that it starts matching against the very first instance of --- and the ? makes the * be non-greedy, which makes it stop matching at the second instance of ---.

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