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I want to know how to put a video in my Windows C# form. I want it to pop up a new form that plays a video. When a user clicks the button, the pop-up video form will pop up and play its video.

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You can use windows media player activex to play movies in c#. Just add it to toolbox (it is in Com components tab), drag it to the form and start using it.

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Where can I find that the comcomponents tab? I can't seem to locate that. –  user184453 Oct 5 '09 at 15:32
Right Click in the Toolbox, Select Add Items. Then Select the COM Components Tab. –  Refracted Paladin Oct 5 '09 at 15:38

You could rely on Windows to play the video rather than embed it into your own form. Process.Start(PathToMovie) will take care of that...

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