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I have a need to do be able to show a user a message that there session is about to expire before expiring. If the user does nothing the page then redirects to session expired page. This need does not feel unusual.

So I am hoping some JavaScript library or framework could help with such a project. My existing solution actually opens up a new window. But now with iPads commonly being used, I am seeing solution that do some dynamic HTML to prompt the user on the current page.

I have existing code that can make and AJAX call to decide when a user sessions will expire. (Maybe site is open in multiple tabs). So I can handle the timing of when to show the message.

I am just hoping that there might be some common code to help create the UI for a timeout warning.

Technically, most of our pages are Java pages. But with Javascript solution, the pages that is displaying should be less important.

I was hoping JQuery or YUI had something. But I have not found it so far.

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What you might consider is a plugin for "toast", the name meaning the message pops up as if from a toaster; see the following:

For an actual jquery plugin there is the following:

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Yes...That was very helpful. The demo for the jquery toast you have above did not work for me. But I found this jquery toast that seemed to work: – JeffJak Apr 4 '13 at 19:01

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