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I'm trying to populate values in a datatable. I receive values dynamically when the user selects a value from a another table. My issue is while populating in the table I must implement a paging concept, where the table should hold only 5 values at a time. Only when the user clicks on next, it should display the next set of 5 values for example: if the user selects 12 values at first instance it should:

display 1-5 click on next display 6-10 click on next
display 11-12 ..

Now I successfully displayed the first 5 values, but when I click on next it displays all remaining 7 in one table itself.

Below is my code snippet for the 'Next' button:

    private void NextSelect_LinkClicked(object sender, LinkLabelLinkClickedEventArgs e)
       string fieldLabel = null;
       string fieldType = null;
       string tabOrder = null;

       /* currenttemptablecounter gives me how many values has been showed to user its 5 by default since my datatable size = 5 ,  acc = total rows selected by the user if user has selectd 12 rows acc will hold 12 */

       for (int i = currenttemptablecounter; i < acc; i++)
          //tabOrder = (string)selectedFieldsTable.Rows[i]["Tab Order"].ToString();
          fieldLabel = (string)selectedFieldsTable.Rows[i]["Field Name"].ToString();
          fieldType = (string)selectedFieldsTable.Rows[i]["Field Type"].ToString();
          DataRow newRows = TempTable.NewRow();
          newRows["Field Name"] = fieldLabel;
          newRows["Field Type"] = fieldType;
       dgvSelectedFieldsView.DataSource = TempTable; 

Can any one help me out?


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Use LinQ. var nextfiverows = yourtable.Skip(startingindex).Take(5); – HighCore Mar 4 '13 at 18:16

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You can have an idea by going to this link! Hope it helps!

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