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I have an array of objects returned from Rest in JSON format, when I debug I just see the reference. I have added the do loop to one of my views, but I don't have any properties of the object. Is there something I need to do like cast the array? I'm new to ruby and have searched and found nothing specific to this.

First controller not PolicyList

   data3 = data2.map { |rd| PolicyList.new(rd["policyNbr"], rd["systemId"], rd["insuredName"], rd["type"], rd["statusCd"], rd["statusDes"], rd["payorZipcode"], rd["lastPaymentDate"], rd['lastPaymentAmount'], rd["pastDueDate"], rd["pastDueAmount"], rd["currentDueDate"], rd["currentDueAmount"], rd["eft"], rd["suspenseAmt"], rd["expireTime"]) }
     $policylist =data3       
     puts data3.inspect

    WebView.navigate(url_for(:controller => :PolicyList, :action => :index))

PolicyList Controller

      def index
        #@policylists = PolicyList.find(:all)
         @policylists = $policylist
         render :back => '/app'

PolicyList index.erb

  <ul data-role="listview">
  <% @policylists.each do |policylist| %>

        <a href="<%= url_for :action => :show, :id => policylist.policyNbr %>">
          <%= policylist.policyNbr %>

  <% end %>

PolicyList class

 # The model has already been created by the framework, and extends Rhom::RhomObject
 # You can add more methods here
 class PolicyList
       include Rhom::PropertyBag
         attr_accessor  :policyNbr, :systemId, :insuredName,
            :type, :statusCd, :statusDes, :payorZipcode,
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Try inspect data2 variable (before the mapping).
Possibly the data in JSON has a root element, like this:

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Thanks for responding. I checked and the json message to array is in the format [{ "policyNbr":"1","systemId":"2"}, {"policyNbr":"3","systemI‌d":"4}] data 3 = [#<PolicyList:0x6982190>, #<PolicyList:0x6d273b8>, #<PolicyList:0x713304c>] –  Justin Cox Mar 4 '13 at 19:26
OK. So this depends on how your class members are declared. Are these fields in PolicyList class declared with attr_accessible ? –  Douglas Lise Mar 4 '13 at 20:34
That should be done as an update to the OP, so other people can see it more easily. –  Blaine Mar 5 '13 at 0:09
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