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I have several SlickGrids that allow User to deleteItems (actually rows). This works fine but when User wants to cancel the deletion of the rows, I am not able to redisplay the entire grid. Here's the relevent code to remove the rows:

//  Modal Grid2 Remove rows
$('#removeBtnGrid2').click(function() {
    for (var i = 1; i <= 2; i++) {

and here's the code I'm using to redisplay the Grid (this doesn't work):

$('#addBtnGrid1').click(function() {  /// this acts as a cancel btn

What am I doing wrong? Thanks

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First of all you've put addBtnGrid1 when I think you meant (2) addBtnGrid2, second of all are you dealing with a server side to delete your row? Because that doesn't seem to be the proper way of dealing with it (though I have to admit I haven't tried your code). The way I'm dealing with a delete is directly embed the action on the ID itself inside the columns definition for the accept/cancel definition as for example this:

columns1 = [
            {id:'accnt_name', field:'accnt_name', name: "Account Name", width:90, sortable:true, sorter:sorterStringCompare} },
            {id:"id", name:"", field:"id", width:20, formatter: function (r,c,id,def,datactx){ return "<a href='#' onclick='if (confirm(\"Really Delete?\")) removeClick("+id+","+r+")'><img src='/images/deletex_16.png' border='0' /></a>";} }

and then the function to delete (which call the server side in PHP with AJAX) looks like this:

function removeClick(databaseId, gridRow) {
        $.post('myajaxfile.php?action=delete', {id:databaseId}, function(ServerResponse) {
            // if database return an error then display it to the user and undo the cell change
            if(ServerResponse  === undefined) {
                alert("Deleting from database failed...");
            }else {
                if( parseInt(ServerResponse.affected_rows) < 1 || ServerResponse.error_msg != "" ) {                             
                    alert("Deleting from database failed...\n\nERROR Returned: "+ServerResponse.error_msg);
                }else {
                    // success, update the datagrid view on screen
                    var item = dataView1.getItem(gridRow);//RowNum is the number of the row
                    dataView1.deleteItem( item.id );//RowID is the actual ID of the row and not the row number
            $('#loading').hide(); // hide the loading logo                                                                        
        }, "json")
        .fail(function(ServerResponse) { 
            alert("Deleting from database failed...\n\nERROR Returned: "+ServerResponse.responseText);  
            $('#loading').hide(); // hide the loading logo             

So I only refresh (render) the grid if the DELETE went good on the server side...Hope it helps! I don't think showing you the PHP file (server side) for deleting is necessary, but if you do then ask again...

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Thanks No... this is all done on the client. Nothing really takes place until the changes are "Saved" since Usr can also "Cancel without saving" so I didn't want to make another trip to the server. There's also a "Refresh" btn that should redisplay the DataView without any changes. – user1415445 Mar 5 '13 at 15:59
Ok I see but nevertheless, you can still use the same technique I have just replace $.post to whichever action you need to do. Triggering the onclick event the way I have it setup is still the best approach, just recode the removeClick() function and you're in business – ghiscoding Mar 5 '13 at 18:21
Ok... I'll give this an upvote but it still didn't solve my issue. When I use your method (or mine) via deleteItem(), the rows are deleted but I can never redisplay the grid/dataView without resetting everything (browser refresh). grid.invalidate(), dataView.refresh(), datView.setItems(), etc. nothing works to redisplay the grid. – user1415445 Mar 6 '13 at 17:09
technically you should delete from the dataView object as you said, and invalidate+render the grid object like showing in my example. The only possible I might think of in your situation is... make sure you use the dataview and grid javascript objects you created and NOT the html ID/name of it, just to make sure... and maybe check that you're taking the proper grid1,2,3, whichever grid+dataview number you're at. When you say nothing works, what does it mean exactly anyway? Same data or error thrown, or..something else? Do you also trigger the errors with firebug... – ghiscoding Mar 6 '13 at 17:23
Thanks... No errors, just no data. When I empty the grid, I leave the column headers and when I "redisplay" the grid, it's just empty though, of course, the event fires properly (traced in IE developers tools). – user1415445 Mar 7 '13 at 12:00

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