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I have a batch of files (WinWord) which are already formatted, and I want to use the same names for logically matching styles everywhere.

Is there any way to rename a number of WinWord 2007 styles via VBA or can this be done only manually?

Thanks for taking time to think about my question. Marcel

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You should be able to change the names of user-defined styles by writing to their NameLocal properties. For instance:

ActiveDocument.Styles(3).NameLocal = "abbracadabra"

changes the name of the third style in the Styles collection to "abbracadabra". Exactly how you'd automate this depends on whether there's a logic to the name changes.

I don't think this will work for built-in styles (like Heading 1); instead you get an aliased style. In Word 2010, that ends up looking like "[old style name], [new style name]". I don't know a lot about those.

So, if you wanted to, for instance, append "-changed" to each style name you could do the following:

For Each aStyle in ActiveDocument.Styles
    If aStyle.BuiltIn = False Then aStyle.NameLocal = aStyle.NameLocal & "-changed"
Next aStyle
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Thanks a lot, Christina :-) actually, you can "rename" built-in styles the same way. As you have already pointed out, the built-in name stays and an alias is being added. If you don't know the position of the style in the styles-collection, you can write: ActiveDocument.Styles("Original Style Name").NameLocal = "New Style Name" –  Marcel Mar 19 '13 at 17:57
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