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Can we use KendoUI opensource download in a public website or should we then necessarily purchase the commercial license?

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It's written in the license that ships with the package. Why do you ask specifically btw? –  hakre Mar 9 '13 at 14:31
@hakre because legalese is rarely written in plain English, and even then is pretty tough to understand without taking into account case law. –  Maslow Jul 20 at 18:10
@Maslow: That's why I ask the OP. Otherwise your comment is just fuzz, you didn't even share what you didn't understand. –  hakre Jul 21 at 6:18
This question is off-topic because it is about licensing of software, which is off-topic for Stack Overflow. –  casperOne Aug 8 at 19:47

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KendoUI is available unter the GPLv3, so you can use it for free with your website (if you agree with the GPLv3)

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where is the download link for open source version??? @_@ –  GusDeCooL Feb 5 at 0:10
sad story...KendoUI Web is now not free.. –  Olrac Feb 25 at 7:32
There is still a free version. –  JKAUSHALYA Mar 24 at 17:16

Please find the Kendo UI Web Open Source. It's available under GPL v3 License.

  • 40+ UI controls for HTML5 and JS sites and apps
  • 11 ready-to-use themes
  • Minified JavaScript and CSS + Quick Start Demos
  • Access to major releases
  • Community support on stackoverflow and read-only access to Kendo UI Premium Forums
  • GPL v3 License
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Please note that as of April 18 2014 Telerik has released the vast majority of Kendo UI Web under the Apache 2.0 license. Press release here –  Angavar May 28 at 11:31

Only Kendo UI Web is available with open source license. Mobile/DataViz and server wrappers are available only with paid license.

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