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Somewhere in my Django app, I make an Ajax call to my view

$.post("/metrics", {
  'program': 'AWebsite',
  'marketplace': 'Japan',
  'metrics': {'pageLoadTime': '1024'}

in my python code, I have got

def metrics(request):
    program = request.POST.get('program', '')
    marketplace = request.POST.get('marketplace', '')
    metrics = request.POST.get('metrics', '')
    reportMetrics(metrics, program, marketplace)

the metrics() function in python is supposed to call reportMetrics() with these parameters which are then supposed to go in a log file. But In my log file, I do not see the 'pageLoadTime' value - probably because it is being passed in as a dictionary. In future I need to add more items to this, so it needs to remain a dictionary (and not a string like first two).

Whats the easiest way to convert this incoming javascript dictionary to python dictionary?

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Send the javascript dictionary as json and import the python json module to pull it back out. You'll use json.loads(jsonString).

Edit - Added example

$.post("/metrics", {
   data: JSON.stringify({
      'program': 'AWebsite',
      'marketplace': 'Japan',
      'metrics': {'pageLoadTime': '1024'}

Then on the python side

import json
def metrics(request):
    data = json.loads(request.POST.get('data'))
    program = data.get('program','')
    marketplace = data.get('marketplace','')
    metrics = data.get('metrics','')

I don't really have a good way of testing this right now, but I believe it should work. You may also have to do some checking if a field is blank, but I believe .get() will handle that for you.

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u mean instead of 'metrics': {'pageLoadTime': '1024'} , do 'metrics': '{pageLoadTime: 1024}' and then json.loads() ? – kk1957 Mar 4 '13 at 19:40
its been awhile but believe you can just do $.post("/metrics", {data:JSON.stringify({'program':'Awebsite', ...})}) and access everything thing through data in python. – Hoopdady Mar 4 '13 at 19:50
sorry, I think I am not getting it. Can you show how to extract in python with code example? – kk1957 Mar 4 '13 at 20:14
I added the python to the answer – Hoopdady Mar 4 '13 at 20:21
Did that work for you? – Hoopdady Mar 4 '13 at 20:48

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