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I would like to use nLog to output my LINQ to SQL generated SQL to the log file


db.Log = Console.Out

reports the generated SQL to the console,

How can I get the log to log to NLOG?

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You just need a class to act as a TextWriter that LINQ to SQL needs to dispatch it via the method you want, e.g.

db.Log = new ActionTextWriter(s => logger.Debug(s));

Here is a little text writer I wrote that takes a delegate and dispatches to that so you use the code above. You would probably want to change this class so it took a logger, did some processing/splitting on the text and then dispatched it out to NLog.

class ActionTextWriter : TextWriter {
  private Action<string> action;

  public ActionTextWriter(Action<string> action) {
    this.action = action;

  public override void Write(char[] buffer, int index, int count) {
    Write(new string(buffer, index, count));

  public override void Write(string value) {

  public override Encoding Encoding {
    get { return System.Text.Encoding.Default; }
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Awesome, thanks :) –  Jedidja Oct 26 '10 at 15:51

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