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With a batch (.bat), I want to copy all mp3 files that are in 1 subdirectory of D:\TEMP




I tried with xcopy but

  • I don't know how to tell "just recurse subfolders of D:\TEMP and not subsubfolders, subsubsubfolders, etc."

  • When using xcopy, folders are created in the destination (in order to replicate source's folder tree), I don't want this : files should be copied in just 1 single folder.

Thanks in advance!

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Check this method, does not require any batch files or learning any DOS commands-… – CrakC Oct 29 '15 at 9:40
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for command is your friend. Read help for and then try this in the command prompt

for /d %a in (*) do @echo %a

as you see, it follows all subfolders in the current directory.


for /d %a in (*) do @copy %a\*.mp3 e:\myfolder

will copy all your mp3 to the destination folder.

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