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In Admob I have 2 ways to configure iAd mediation with Admob

  1. eCPM - (I set eCPM per ad network)
  2. % - I set % shares (+ country targeting as optional choice)

I wish to show iAd when available and admob in rest cases.

What should I enter? (admob docs are not helpful)

Also some article with examples how it will work when I enter certain values in eCPM field.

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There is a relevant blog post here on how eCPM and percentages work.

For eCPM, AdMob will order the networks based on their eCPM values in descending order. So if you have iAd at $1.00 and AdMob at $0.25, iAd will be the first network, and AdMob will backfill the rest of the requests. If you have Ad Network 3 at $0.10, the order will be iAd, AdMob, then Network 3 filling any requests iAd and AdMob failed to fill.

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