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I have installed a plugin (use PHP in posts) for Wordpress, and am having some issues.

Here is my code (though I don't think its the issue)

$usertoget = $_GET['player'];
$partone = "";
if(strlen($usertoget) != 0) {
    $parttwo = "&player=";
    $partthree = $usertoget;
    $finalurl = $partone . $parttwo . $partthree;
    print '<iframe src="$finalurl"></iframe>';
else {
    print "<iframe src='/path/file.php'>";

The iframe gets printed perfectly and does what the target file should, but as you can see from this picture, messes up the formatting:

Screenshot of the page

  1. No sidebar;
  2. No footer;
  3. No floating header.

I have noticed that the page source finishes the iframe and does nothing else except close (</body></html>). There is a lot of stuff after it that should appear but doesn't.

Another issue is, using GET requests (/page/hello?player=9 and /page/hello/?player=9) returns a 404. Any ways to resolve this issue?

Does anybody know how I can fix this? I can post any more code if required :)

Any help would be appreciated :D Thanks!

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If PHP suddenly stops sending the expected output, it usually means there's a PHP error. Is there anything in your logs? Have you tried turning WP_DEBUG on?

I'm surprised you say the iframe gets printed perfectly. This line

print '<iframe src="$finalurl"></iframe>';

looks wrong to me (though it won't cause PHP to error). If you have single quotes around a string, variables won't be evaluated. See this question for a little more detail.

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