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I have a model called submission and currently I am displaying all the records in the database in the index page. In the submissions controller I have :

@submissions = Submission.all

However, now I only want the record for the past two days or the name field equals to some string, I tried this but it still shows all the records for me:

@submissions = Submission.all(:conditions => ["updated_at >= ? OR name = ?", 2.days.ago.to_date, "me"])

where updated_at and name are two fields in the submissions table.

Any idea where is wrong?


In my submission model:

attr_accessible :name, :updated_at
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In Arel (Rails 3), your conditions should be in a where method, with (optionally) at the end, like so

Submission.where("updated_at >= ? OR name = ?", 2.days.ago.to_date, "me").all
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That`s not a problem. Your solution is Rails 3 syntax which is same as his. If this works that should also work. But still I recommend him to use your way. –  codeit Mar 4 '13 at 20:06
@codeit, the mothod I am using in the question doesn't work for some reason, but this one works. Thanks for the answer and comment! –  John Powel Mar 4 '13 at 20:24

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