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I am passing following url from my android app

the last parameter is a URI encoded string. In Flask my route looks like

def put(long, lat, tagline):
    return tagline 

I get [B@463336a0 as return and my url changes to[B%40463336a0/

Whats happening here? this is driving me crazy.

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What is happening here is known as percent-encoding. The %5B is the percent-encoding for [, and the %40 is the percent-encoding for @.

You need to make sure that your Android app sends an escaped URI. In this particular case it would look something like this (simplified example for clarity):

>>> import urllib
>>> unescaped_url = '%5BB%40463336a0'
>>> escaped_url = urllib.quote(unescaped_url)
>>> unescaped_url == urllib.unquote(escaped_url)
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