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So here's the thing, i'm trying to make a fully customizable UI in computercraft, using lua arrays, and when I use this, ui seems to always be empty

function dupChar(char, num)
  ret = ''
  for ii=1,num do
    ret = ret..char
  return ret

function drawLoad()
    -- X, Y, Text, FG, BG, Disabled for op, button action
    ui = {}
        ui.hungerStart = {3,4,'[',nil,nil,false,'none'}
        ui.hungerMid1 = {ui.hungerStart[1] + 1,ui.hungerStart[2],dupChar('-',20),nil,nil,false,'none'}
        ui.hungerMid2 = {ui.hungerStart[1] + 1,ui.hungerStart[2],hunger,nil,nil,false,'none'}
        ui.hungerStop = {ui.hungerStart[1] + 21,ui.hungerStart[2],']',nil,nil,false,'none'}

        ui.healthStart = {3,6,'[',nil,nil,false,'kill'}
        ui.healthMid1 = {ui.healthStart[1] + 1,ui.healthStart[2],dupChar('-',20),nil,nil,false,'health'}
        ui.healthMid2 = {ui.healthStart[1] + 1,ui.healthStart[2],health,nil,nil,false,'health'}
        ui.healthStop = {ui.healthStart[1] + 21, ui.healthStart[2],']',nil,nil,false,'heal'}

function drawAdv(pName, page)
    isOp = false
    pHealth = 10
    pHunger = 10
    health = dupChar('$',pHealth)
    hunger = dupChar('@',pHunger)
    color(custCol.default[1], custCol.default[2])
    for index, value in ipairs(ui) do
        x, y, text, fg, bg, disOp, action = value[1],value[2],value[3],value[3],value[4],value[5],value[6]
        color(custCol.default[1], custCol.default[2])
        if disOp then
            color(custCol.disOp[1], custCol.disOp[2])

The other thing is to know if

for index, x, y, text, fg, bg, disOp, action in ipairs(ui) do


for index, value in ipairs(ui) do
        x, y, text, fg, bg, disOp, action = value[1],value[2],value[3],value[3],value[4],value[5],value[6]

is the way to get the list's entries

NB: the code is a bit messy, but it's because i tried to make it possible to use without using it in ComputerCraft as much as possible (some functions are still here and will not work with lua though)

Thank you for reading and maybe helping me :)

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The second method is correct to loop through a lua-table. Also, you're using value[3] twice. – hjpotter92 Mar 4 '13 at 21:17
Ok, thank you for that, and using value[3] was a mistake when I copied that part. – LazyShpee Mar 4 '13 at 21:50
I can't believe I was so stupid >< I tried to list by keys using ipairs(table) where I should have put pairs(table) Question answered, thank you guys, I'll edit my post when I get to use my computer. – LazyShpee Mar 4 '13 at 22:54

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for index, value in ipairs(ui) do
   local x, y, text, fg, bg, disOp, action = unpack(value)
   -- do something

function dupChar(char, num)
   return char:rep(num)
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Thank you, that is for part 2 and I still have a lot to learn in Lua ^^ – LazyShpee Mar 4 '13 at 21:51

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