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I've encountered a for me peculiar problem while connecting to a vision camera. The issue is in short terms as follows:

When I make a subscription to an event in my WPF/C#/.Net 4.5 application, I does not trigger the method supplied when an event is generated. However, if I create a WinForms class to create the connection and make the subscription in, it works. This rises the question, if events in WPF and Forms are so different that they can break an API and prevent it from triggering events properly?

Below is the WinForms-class used for connecting and subscribing to the event. The code for running this in WPF is identical, just though I'd show the solution I found.

using Cognex.DataMan.SDK;

public partial class Form1 : Form
    public Cognex.DataMan.SDK.DataManSystem mySystem = null;

    public void Connect() 
        mySystem = new DataManSystem();
        mySystem.Connect(new DataManConnectionParams(App.scanPlate.address));
        mySystem.ResultArrived += new DataManSystem.ResultArrivedEventHandler(App.scanPlate.ResultArrived);

    public void SendCommand(string cmdToSend)

To start this instance, I run the following code in the instance App.scanPlate:

public class ScanCom
    Form1 form;

    public ScanCom(
        form = new Form1();

        formThread = new Thread(StartForm);

    static void StartForm()

    public void Connect()
        form.BeginInvoke((Action)delegate() { form.Connect(); });        

    public void ResultArrived(object sender, ResultArrivedEventArgs e)

And then whenever I want to send a trigger to the camera to capture a frame, hence asyncronously generating a ResultArrivedEvent from the camera I run the following line:


Although this solution works, it's just a terrible solution. Can someone here help me come up with a better one? Hopefully something preventing from involving WinForms at all. These classes are part of a much larger system involving robots, storage units, PLCs etc and switching to WinForms is just not an option at this stage.

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Based on what you've posted, the event you are talking about is in neither winforms nor WPF, it's in DataManSystem. How you subscribe to events is identical in winforms and WPF (that's language syntax). If DataManSystem is not raising the event, nothing can receive the event. There must be something else going on there--likely effecting whether DataManSystem sends the event or not. Please try to post a short but complete example that reproduces the problem. – Peter Ritchie Mar 4 '13 at 21:27
Actually, reproducing the problem is quite easy with just the code supplied. Instead of using 'form.mySystem', I use 'scanPlate.mySystem' in 'Form1.Connect'. In this case the method does not get called. – bialad Mar 4 '13 at 21:36
Contact the vendor for support. Send them a small project that exhibits this problem. – Hans Passant Mar 4 '13 at 21:46
I've already contacted the vendor for support, they're processing it and I'm waiting for their reply. Just though this was an interesting issue to bring up, since to me there seems to be a difference in the way WPF and Forms handles events. But I could be wrong and this problem could completely be in Cognex.Dataman.SDK. – bialad Mar 4 '13 at 22:00
I'd find the sample code easier to follow if formWindow was renamed, say, formThread, because it's a thread object not a form/window object. Anyway why instantiate Form1 on a custom thread, instead of a normal WinForms/WPF app? – groverboy Mar 5 '13 at 4:39

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