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I have Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate and I've downloaded the Visual Studio 2012 ISO from MSDN. When trying to install the documentation:

I open Visual Studio as an Administrator

Visual Studio Open As Admin

Follow these instructions as per the install's ReadMe file

On the menu bar for Visual Studio 2012, choose Help, Add and Remove Help Content.

Help Viewer 2.0 starts, showing the Manage Content tab. On the Manage Content tab, choose the Disk option button, choose the Browse (…) button, and then navigate to the DVD drive.

Choose the helpcontentsetup.msha file, and then choose the Open button.

Under Available Documentation, the list of available content sets from the DVD appears.

Choose the Add link next to the content set that you want to install onto your local computer. The items that you specify appear in the Pending Changes column. You can remove an item from the Pending Changes column by choosing the “X” next to the item. Choose the Update button.

Update Ready

And click Update.

When I click Update, it progresses for about 3-4 seconds, and then it fails with an error:

The following errors occurred while performing the requested tasks:

An error occurred while updating content. You have insufficient privileges to complete this task.

insufficient privileges

How can I resolve this issue?


I'm running Help Viewer in Admin mode.

enter image description here

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try this. It solved my problem.

  1. change security permission of vs2012doc.iso to full control for your account.
  2. Mount it
  3. Install the documentation ONE BY ONE. Remember ONE BY ONE.

Might it help...

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Change your machine date and try again. In my case work with "oct/01/2012".

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Extract the contents of the iso file to C:\Users\ [Your User Name] \AppData\Local\Microsoft\HelpViewer2.0\VisualStudio11_en-US

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Can you please add an explanation of why this works and a resource for the way VS/Windows handles user privileges? –  Ryan Gates May 30 '13 at 12:57
This doesn't work. Every time I start HelpViewer it deletes all the files that I extracted from ISO to this location. –  rism Aug 3 '13 at 2:06
Doesn't work, as @rism said, content is deleted each time HelpViewer is started. –  Lester Aug 12 '13 at 15:44
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