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I would like to ask for information about what kind of data model in cassandra I can use for my project. Let me tell about it in detail. As Object oriented model in java, I have 2 classes, Events and Locations. Events has couple of attributes such as event_title, event_description, event_time, event_locations and so on. Locations has also several attributes such as address_name, longitude, latitude, city etc. And There is a relation between Events and Locations. Actually i have an idea about my data model. but I am not sure it can be implemented or not. I thought I can use only one CF with composite rowkey(DoubleType:DoubleType) for longitude,latidute and subcolumns for metadata of Events in the frame of ordered partitioner keyspace. It would be better if I had en example also how to do these with hector API. As a result, I need to implement a data model in cassandra to handle below requirements.

  1. With the given longitude and latitude, I need to return the Events which are close to these given longitude and latitude.
  2. With the given longitude and latitude and a search string for event_title, I need to return the Events which match with the given search string and close to these given longitude and latitude.
    Thank you.
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1) Keeping everything in separate column family is not going to work.To have a faster reads you really have to denormalize the data and create column family for every type of query.

2) In your case its little complicated as you want to return events which are near to given "longitude and latitude". For this you have to find some workaround, (like you can take some range of longitude and latitude as row key) but make sure you have longitude and latitude as a part of the key.

3) Once you manage to have longitude and latitude as a part of the row key your second query requirement will be automatically satisfied.Example: If you go with the range solution just need to find the key in which give longitude and latitude is in a range and then search for the supercolumn name matching event and you are done.

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Thanks samarth for answer. I have read about cassandra, but some parts still are not clear for me. So, can i use longitude and latitude together for row key? –  gabby Mar 5 '13 at 10:50
As I do not have the adequate knowledge about the requirement and longitude and latitude I can't comment on that,but to simplify the things take an example of country , you want to find the events those are in particular country , for this you should have all the list of event and their details against the rowkey "country". Now decide how could you manage the same stuff when it comes to longitude and latitude –  samarth Mar 5 '13 at 11:31

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