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I'm trying to use registerScript() to output some raw javascript into my page. The following seems to work fine (at the view level, called by a controller):


$cs = Yii::app()->getClientScript();  
                'var someCoolVariableInView = 11;',

This shows up before as it should:

var someCoolVariableInView = 11;

However, when I do the equivalent in a widget's view:


$cs = Yii::app()->getClientScript();  
                'var someCoolVariableInWidget = 10;',

The javascript does not show up.

I've done a bunch of googling but have not found anything helpful. My guess is the widget is filtering out the javascript...hopefully there's a parameter or config switch I can change to get this to output (or maybe there's a better way of doing this).




how widget is rendered:

class myWidget extends CWidget {

    public function init() {
    } // end init()

    public function run() {
        // ...
    } // end run()

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This "widget's view" looks highly suspicious. How is it rendered? – Jon Mar 4 '13 at 21:53
@Jon added more code, showing how widget is rendered. Is this what you meant? What's suspicious? Note I have divs and other content in the widget view that outputs fine, just the script doesn't show up. – PeterG Mar 4 '13 at 21:57
How are you loading the widget? – Alex Mar 5 '13 at 9:12

Put your registerScript in init()

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In your controller try the following code to work with processing of rendering javascript code.

echo $this->processOutput($output);
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