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This may be immature question but...

  • When we use html input file control to upload a file, OS encrypts! the full path of the file due to security. i.e.: C:\falsepath\XXXXXX.txt
  • why security has to be enforced, since the client is the one uploading the file, he obviously knows the location, why can't it just provide full path (client script)
  • But how does server gets stream of bytes from client?

Can somebody explain me what is happening behind the screen?

OS-windows environment , Browsers -all

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I don't know that this is the appropriate forum for this question. – Brian Mar 4 '13 at 22:35

Server does not to know what is local path, browser sends to him stream of bytes. Local path is for good looking for user, nothing else.
If you ask: how does BROWSER know where the file is, this is good question, but you didn't write what is your OS.

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You should know, that the server is completely separated from the client.

The client application sends to the server a message, which contains the content of the file and a file name (just the name of the file, not the directory. The change of the actual name to the C:\falsepath* is made only to prevent scripts on client's side to know anything about the original location, which may contain sensitive information you don't want to publish.

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