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I am converting an HTML table to a PDF using the Winnovative converter tool. I have created an HTML table programmatically and assigned an array to a table cell like this:

td10.Text dt.Rows[i][5].ToString();

The table cell displays the text in a paragraph format, without any line breaks. I would like to split it at the comma, and write the next content(after the comma) on the new line in the same cell. For example, a line break after each comma.

I tried the following;

string descri = dt.Rows[i][5].ToString();
            char[] delimiter1 = new char[] { ',' };
            string[] array2 = descri.Split(delimiter1,
            foreach (string item in array2)
                td10.Text += item.ToString() + "\n";

While debugging (in text visualizer) this separates the string after the comma and writes on a new line but when I open the PDF it still writes like the paragraph.

Is there any way to achieve this. I would appreciate your suggestions and help. Thank you.

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Side-note: item.ToString() is quite useless since item is already a string. You can use this one-liner instead of the loop and inspect the result in the debugger: string lines = String.Join(Environment.NewLine,array2);. If the result looks correct the problem must be somewhere in Winnovative which i don't know. – Tim Schmelter Mar 4 '13 at 22:54
Thanks Timm!! Looks like it is an issue with third party tool..I appreciate your input. – Jay Gade Mar 19 '13 at 16:50

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