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We have some old AOS instances we don't want to get rid of, but would like the clients to start moving away from. What I'd like to do is have a box pop up whenever a client connects to one of these old AOS instances that says 'Hey, you should be using this one instead.' I know it's possible to have a client display a message when it starts up, but is there a way to have a client display a message only when it connects to a specific AOS?

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You could add custom code to Application.startupPost() to display a message if your conditions are met. You should be careful with what you add there, because it gets executed anytime a session is started, including Business Connector sessions and other situations where there may not be a client available to display the message box.

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You can configure a welcome message on the Startup message field of the "AX Configuration Utility:

You can change this message for each AOS connection that a user has.

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