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In MVC4 applications, I would like to update a panel using AJAX but using jQuery methods instead using AjaxExtensions from MVC.

But my problem is the updatePanelId.

I've seen several people use this to update it when has success:

success: function (response) {
    var $target = $("#target");
    var $newHtml = response;

But when I do this, it forces me to use in every partial view that includes the id="target" at the root level of my razor view, and I guess that's not a good practice; I said this because I've realized when I use AjaxExtensions it doesn't happens, replace the update and it does not remove the panelId. But using jQuery it does.

Any idea to port the AjaxExtensions feature to jQuery?

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@Cory Oh I didn't have idea about that function. So this is the method which would be similiar in AjaxExtensions? –  Darf Zon Mar 4 '13 at 23:08

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You can use just:

$("#target").html(response); // it will just update content of the $("#target") container
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Use jQuery's .load function. This will load the contents of the URL you specify into the target element. You can optionally specify a selector after the URL in load to only grab part of the target page.

$(function() {

JavaScript same origin policy applies to this.

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