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I've combined two jQuery plugins for my wordpress site. The problem is that after using the Ajax Loader, the images gets bugged. That's why I tried to add $('.pbd-alp-placeholder-'+ pageNum).append(('.attachment-homepage').greyScale({ to the script, however I can't really fix it - it keeps on giving out errors. I have no idea what to do, cause I'm not really a jQuery pro, more like a newbie that tries doing on big things. Thanks for a fast response. :)

jQuery(document).ready(function($) {

// The number of the next page to load (/page/x/).
var pageNum = parseInt(pbd_alp.startPage) + 1;

// The maximum number of pages the current query can return.
var max = parseInt(pbd_alp.maxPages);

// The link of the next page of posts.
var nextLink = pbd_alp.nextLink;

 * Replace the traditional navigation with our own,
 * but only if there is at least one page of new posts to load.
if(pageNum <= max) {
    // Insert the "More Posts" link.
        .append('<div class="pbd-alp-placeholder-'+ pageNum +'"></div>')
        .append('<p id="pbd-alp-load-posts"><a href="#">Load more</a></p>');

    // Remove the traditional navigation.

 * Load new posts when the link is clicked.
$('#pbd-alp-load-posts a').click(function() {

    // Are there more posts to load?
    if(pageNum <= max) {

        // Show that we're working.

        $('.pbd-alp-placeholder-'+ pageNum).load(nextLink + ' .post',
            function() {
                // Update page number and nextLink.
                nextLink = nextLink.replace(/\/page\/[0-9]?/, '/page/'+ pageNum);
    $('.pbd-alp-placeholder-'+ pageNum).append(('.attachment-homepage').greyScale({
      // call the plugin with non-defult fadeTime (default: 400ms)
      fadeTime: 500,
      reverse: false

                // Add a new placeholder, for when user clicks again.
                    .before('<div class="pbd-alp-placeholder-'+ pageNum +'"></div>')

                // Update the button message.
                if(pageNum <= max) {
                    $('#pbd-alp-load-posts a').text('Load more');
                } else {
                    $('#pbd-alp-load-posts a').text('No posts');
    } else {
        $('#pbd-alp-load-posts a').append('.');

    return false;
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What errors are you getting? –  GrandMasterFlush Mar 4 '13 at 23:36
Well, it's actually creating multiple divs on eachother that aren't working AND also slows down the website by a lot. That's the main error. –  Palid Mar 8 '13 at 2:06

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