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Picking up again with Play!, now using 2.0.3-RC2, I'm having a testing issue.

I have an application with some controllers packaged under controllers package, for example:

package controllers.AdminApp;

class SomeController extends Controller {
    public void index() {

And according to documentation in http://www.playframework.com/documentation/2.1.0/JavaFunctionalTest, I would expect a test for this controller, with something like :

Result result = callAction(controllers.routes.ref.AdminApp.SomeController.index());

But doesn't work because there's no SomeController as member of controllers.routes.ref.AdminApp, only ReverseAdminApp_SomeController and can't call the index() method from there.

Do you have any experience testing Play 2.0 Java controllers within sub-packages?

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Upgrading for 2.1.0 and realized also that intelliJ did not helped me to figure out the problem.

Result result = callAction(controllers.adminApp.routes.ref.Application.index());
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