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I'd like to setup a simple notification if a view has a specific base referer.

Let's say I land on and I came from Here's an example of my pseudo code, basically if I'm coming from any page/X I want to setup a notification.

I'm thinking it might be something like ^r^$ but I'm not so familiar with how to use regex with python.

from django.http import HttpRequest
def someview(request): 
     notify = False
     ... # other stuff not important to question
     req = HttpRequest()
     test = req.META['HTTP_REFERER'] like "*"
     # where * denotes matching anything past that point and the test returns T/F
     if test:
        notify = True

    return # doesn't matter here

This may be more of a "how do I use regex in this context" rather than a django question specifically.

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By the way - since you pointed out the return doesn't matter... actually it is pretty important in web applications. If you don't return at the end of your planned control flow (e.g.: failed authentication) but just perform a redirect, you can expose yourself to undesired effects :-) – Michael W Apr 4 '13 at 15:38
Yes, I just meant that what comes after return '...' doesn't matter here. ie, it's not relevant to this question. – Brandon Bertelsen Apr 4 '13 at 15:45

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You could go with something like this:

import re
referrer = ""
m = re.match("^*)", referrer)
if m:
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