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I am trying to avoid two calls to the database. I need to check if a record exists, if so then fill my view with the data. I have the following code:

        if (Presenters.PayeePresenter.GetByID(id) != null)
            view = BLL.Presenters.PayeePresenter.GetByID(id);

            msg.Success = true;
            msg.Text = "Record Found";

How can I just do minimal amount of calls to the database?

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Store result in variable and check whether its null before assigning properties.

var obj = Presenters.PayeePresenter.GetByID(id); //Assuming this is database method call
if (obj!= null)
   //use obj.Properties to fill custom object or any additional logic
   msg.Success = true;
   msg.Text = "Record Found";
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Introduce variable refactoring. –  SeeSharp Mar 5 '13 at 1:22

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