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I like how many languages let you test expressions in a terminal / shell / REPL before putting them into a code base. Is there a way to try out PostgreSQL expression -- such as a logic expression for a constraint -- without having to (a) add the constraint to the database or (b) query an existing database? (I'm looking for something minimal.)

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Not sure to understand what you want... –  greg Mar 5 '13 at 9:36

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For testing schema alterations without changing the schema do it inside a transaction:


alter table t add foreign key (osm) references s(i);

insert into t values (3,3);
ERROR:  insert or update on table "t" violates foreign key constraint "t_osm_fkey"
DETAIL:  Key (osm)=(3) is not present in table "s".


If you liked the test result then commit in instead of rollback

But if it is just an expression just select it:

select 1 > 2
select '2012-01-01' < current_date
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As mentioned in the Postgres documentation on queries, the following is a legal SQL query:

SELECT random();

Just substitute in your expression of choice.

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