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i've setup IIS to run Python scripts using the instructions found here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/276494. I've confirmed that it works.

I then tried this example using google charts along with a python script to return the data: http://www.jansipke.nl/using-google-visualization-api-with-own-data-source/ That too works fine as well.

However, when i modify the python script to read a local file, i get a DataTable with no rows. If i run the python script directly in the browser it prints a json object that looks like this:


If however i run the script on the command line, it does print a json object with many rows. I suspect the issue is accessing local files from a script being run in the browser. I am not sure how to solve this however, esp in context of IIS. Any help would be appreciated.

Edit: After some further investigation i found that the pythone.exe is receiving a ACCESS DENIED error when trying to access the path as user NT AUTHORITY\IUSR. I can not add IUSR to the networked path. So i'm exploring if maybe i can run as myself, since i know i have read access to that networked directory.

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To solve this issue i did three things (not sure if all are required): 1. Create a new Application Pool and set Identiy to custom, using a login that has access to the networked paths. 2. For my virtual directories and applications, use the above application pool. 3. In advanced settings for my virtual director and application, i set physical path credentials to a specific user that has access to the networked path.

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