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I'm quite new in xml for sql and very confused about how to solve this issue.

I have the following XML, wich corresponds to a colunm called @XmlContent in my table tbAgreement (composed by @ID, @Code, @Name and @XmlContent):

   <vendor code='VND_johnmcfly>
   <city code='CTY_Vegas'>
     <event date='2012-21-08'/>
     <event date='2013-20-01'/>
     <event date='2014-20-01'/>

What I want to do is to move the code value from vendor and city tags and put it as events attributes:

     <event date='2012-21-08' vendor='VND_johnmcfly' city='CTY_Vegas'/>
     <event date='2013-20-01' vendor='VND_johnmcfly' city='CTY_Vegas'/>
     <event date='2014-20-01' vendor='VND_johnmcfly' city='CTY_Vegas'/>

It is important to say that the old tags vendor and city should be removed and all table records respectively updated. What is the best way to do this? Thanks in advance!

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maybe you have already find the answer, but it might be helpful for someone else

declare @xml xml
set @xml=
   <vendor code="VND_johnmcfly" />
   <city code="CTY_Vegas" />
     <event date="2012-21-08"/>
     <event date="2013-20-01"/>
     <event date="2014-20-01"/>

declare @txml table(x xml)
insert into @txml values(@xml);

UPDATE t SET x=x.query('<agreement>
for $d in //events/event/@date,
    $v in //vendor/@code,
    $c in //city/@code
return <event date="{$d}" city="{$c}" vendor="{$v}"/>
FROM @txml t 

select * from @txml
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