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I have been creating apps for some months now, and suddenly realized they are getting too dull to the sight. Been searching for tutorial and books to create custom ui design but havent got any luck out of apple's guidelines. Does anyone know any well structured tutorial, guide, book that details about custom design like creating a new custom table view, giving texture to a navigation bar or animating a custom transition of the tab bar icons, etc.

Thanks a lot.

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not a programming question. – Raptor Mar 5 '13 at 4:41
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It's shut of this kind of tutorial or books,case the special UI is making for special app for some company, they design cool UI for special demand, also cast so much time. Articles or blogs are floating on the could find some demoes from Github, or you could go to this website,Click here(it's a Chinese website).You will find much cool custom UI here.

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