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I saw the following JavaScript functions works exactly same, Then what is the difference between them other than syntax. The function are:

var functionName=function(){
    //some code here

function functionName(){
    //some code here

I call them in the same way as:


Please dont' tell me there syntax is different, Other than that is there any difference like

1)speed of execution
2)Memory utilization etc.

Thanks in advance!

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This has been answered many times in StackOverflow. It is just the way of naming. So taking up some points from the answers, I would say:

  1. Function declarations and variable declarations are always moved ("hoisted") invisibly to the top of their containing scope by the JavaScript interpreter. Function parameters and language-defined names are, obviously, already there.

  2. Advantages & Disadvantages:

    There are few advantages to naming functions:

    • names for meta analysis. functionInstance.name will show you the name.
    • Far more importantly, the name will be printed in stack traces.
    • names also help write self documenting or literate code.

    There is a single disadvantage to named functions expressions

    • IE has memory leaks for NFE
  3. Another main difference

    The difference is that functionTwo is defined at parse-time for a script block, whereas functionOne is defined at run-time. For example:

      // Error
      var functionOne = function() {
      // No error
      function functionTwo() {


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  3. Named function expressions demystified
  4. Function Declarations vs. Function Expressions.
  5. JavaScript: var functionName = function() {} vs function functionName() {}
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Thank you this cleared my doubt! –  sandip Mar 5 '13 at 5:09
  1. 1st one is Named Function Expressions, which should return some value to the caller.
  2. 2nd one is just a function, it's upto you whether you return value or not
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I have used 1)function without returing any value –  sandip Mar 5 '13 at 5:00

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