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I have a loss less mp4 file (YUV 4:4:4) encoded using x264 with me. I want to convert it to loss less avi using Lagarith. Earlier, to compress using lagarith, I used virtualDub. But that option now goes out since virtualDub does not support mp4 files as input. Any suggestions on possible softwares that support lagarith output and take a loss less mp4 as input ?

This exercise to convert to loss less avi is part of an experiment on video codecs, so, an alternative measure won't be useful.


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I had the same problem a few days ago, and since this question is very high placed in Googles search results, I would like to contribute a solution. You can luckily do this with Virtualdub if you are going to add a plugin package called FFInputDriver. Please look at my detailed answer here:

It will allow you to import a lot more files than just avi, I have successfully rendered mp4 and flv files into Lagarith avi files with this! To any visitors visiting this page by Google: This is very probably your answer if you want to encode videos into the Lagarith codec! You can even change the file container afterwards (for example to mkv) with FFmpeg. Take a look here.

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This is not the fastest answer but better late than never: you can use "Xvid4PSP 6.04.Portable". The name is a bit irritating, this program is awful and i use it for the most Video conversions (not for psp etc.). Supports Multithreading, therefore fast! It`s freeware on . Have a good time, ...

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