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Query query =  em.createQuery(
        "select count(u) from User u where (u.id=:a) and (u.photo=:b)")

In my case, I want check whether user photo uploaded or not (photo value is null or not). I tried above query.

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See example in Hibernate documentation.

You should check is parameter is null:

Query query =  em.createQuery(
        "select count(u) from User u where (u.id=:userId) and (u.photo is null)")
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If you're aiming at generalising "b", so that a method can receive either a value, or a null, this usually works:

Query q = em.createQuery (
  "SELECT ... WHERE ... ( :b IS NULL AND u.photo IS NULL OR u.photo = :b )" 
q.setParameter ( "b", methodValue ); // can be null

There is an helper to use this approach here: http://tinyurl.com/qencw38 (see parameterizedWithNullHql()).

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