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I'm trying to create a ftp client for multiple user accounts. While adding a user account, I need to check whether the host and user details are valid or not. For that I created a method.

bool FtpConnect::checkConnectivity(QString remoteIP, QString username, QString password)
    QUrl server;
    if (!server.isValid()) {
        QMessageBox::warning(0, "Error", "Invalid Host");
        return false;
    QFtp *ftp = new QFtp(this);
    ftp->connectToHost(server.host(), server.port());
    int status = ftp->login(server.userName(), server.password());
    QMessageBox::information(0, "Updated", QString::number(status));
    return (ftp->list() == 4) ? true : false;

I need the code to return true if the connection is ok and false while the connection could not complete. Noe the variable status returns 4 which is the QFtp::Connecting signal. please somebody help me.

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I have not used QFtp, so i may be wrong here. I did not understand why you are using 'return (ftp->list() == 4)' instead, can't you use 'state()' function?(return (ftp->state() ==4) which returns the current state of the object –  Vinod Paul Mar 5 '13 at 6:52
but it returns zero always. not the current status. –  Krishna Raj K Mar 5 '13 at 8:17

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QFtp methods do not block execution. The command is scheduled, and its execution is performed asynchronously.
You can't check status() right after you call connectToHost() or login(), because at this moment state is still Unconnected. You should wait for a signal to be emitted instead.
ftp->list() and other methods return the command id, so there's no point in checking return values. What you can do is remember the id and wait for commandFinished() signal with this id, but there is another option.
Use QFtp::stateChanged and check for QFtp::LoggedIn.

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Can it be done something like this - while(ftp->hasPendingCommands ()) continue; and then check the state()? –  Vinod Paul Mar 5 '13 at 9:14
QFtp works with the event loop on the owner thread (where it was created, by default), so if we block the thread with a while loop nothing will happen. But we can use an in-place QEventLoop to do something similar –  spiritwolfform Mar 5 '13 at 14:03

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