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I want to take the first four bytes of a BINARY string and interpret it as numeric.

(Background: I have a SHA1 hash that has been UNHEX'ed into a BINARY(20) column, and I want to create a PARTITION BY HASH expression that takes the first four bytes of the SHA1 value and casts or converts it to a numeric value, as the PARTITION BY HASH expression is expected to.)

It really needn't be four bytes; just a short run of a few bytes that can be manipulated into being seen as an integer value.

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You can combine the follwing two functions::


returns a substring len characters long from string str, starting at position pos.

CONV(N,from_base,to_base) -

Converts numbers between different number bases. Returns a string representation of the number N, converted from base from_base to base to_base.


If you need to get the 4 first digits of 10011001 which is 1001 = 9 use:

SELECT CONV(SUBSTR(10011001, 1, 4), 2, 10)

if you have leading zeros you can use the LPAD function, for example the first 4 digits of the binary value 01001100 which is 0100 = 4, you can do:

      CAST(01001100 as char), (LENGTH(CAST(01001100 as char)) + 1), '0'), 
    1, 4), 2, 10)

See SQLFiddle

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Close. I think CONV wants N to be an ASCII representation. As I mentioned above, I'm working with a true binary "string." Here's what I tried: select conv(substr(unhex(sha1('a')),1,1),2,10); I'll keep fiddling. –  Chap Mar 5 '13 at 15:26

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