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I have downloaded Openfire sources and started to run it on Eclipse. I got a error saying javax.naming.ldap.SortControl class is not there, as illustrated on the following image:

alt text .

Since it is inbuilt Java class , what can i do to solve this problem. Full source has about 5 error messages, all of them are saying the same.

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Aren't you using a JDK 1.5 or higher? – Pascal Thivent Oct 5 '09 at 19:00

There is some issue with your JRE. SortControl should be in the JRE 5.

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Is your Eclipse project set up for the correct Java version? As Thomas Jung points out, javax.naming.ldap.SortControl first appeared in Java 5 / 1.5. If a project is configured to use Java 1.4 or below, you'll get the error you're currently getting.

javax.naming.ldap.Control is present in 1.3 and newer, and isn't erroring, so it definitely sounds like the project/JRE version is wrong.

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