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Hello and thanks in advance for any suggestions. I am using the grouping option in the Kendo UI and i wanted to change the default grouping message :Drag a column header and drop it here to ... So i changed the text in 3 .js files called: kendo.all.min.js, kendo.web.min.js, and kendo.groupable.min.js, to the desired text and the text does not change. I think i'm missing something because when i group and un-group i see my message for a sec but then the grid reloads again and i get the original message again. Is the message coming from the dll or just from java script? hope someone can help it is really important. Thanks.

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If you did it correctly and are loading the modified version of the JS it should work BUT that is not the way for localizing the message... KendoUI (in the latest versions) already has support for it. You should have done:

groupable: {
    messages: {
        empty: "Custom message text"

as it is shown in their documentation here

Remember that if you modify their code, next time they release a new version you will have to merge their version with yours for having the fixes and new features that KendoUI team developed plus your changes.

EDIT If you want to have it for every Grid in you document, put at the very beginning of the JavaScript code:

kendo.ui.Groupable.prototype.options.messages =
                {empty: "Custom message text!"}
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Where should i set this in the desired page or can it be set for all the pages that use grid? –  user2134699 Mar 6 '13 at 13:00
See my EDIT! –  OnaBai Mar 6 '13 at 13:18

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