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I am trying to execute a DQL (Doctrine) query that retrieve the latest answers of different doctors. we have table answer, member, Location (doctor table) and many other table connected to the doctor information. However I want to get the latest answer but the condition is one answer for a doctor. I do some search and know something about group by and order by dont work together ! Here is the query in DQL:

  $query = Doctrine_Query::create() 
  ->select("a.answer_id as answer_id,m.member_is as member_id,a.member_id") 
  ->from('Answer a') 
  ->leftJoin('a.Member m on m.member_id = a.member_id') 
  ->orderBy('a.date_added DESC') 

but this query return undesirable results. Can anyone tell me where is the mistake?

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Unfortunately you need to perform a subquery for that, which according to this question, DQL does not support. However in that question it's suggested that you send a native query.

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